The L.U.P.T. has been established in 1976 from the Experimental Laboratory of the Urban Planning Chair in the Architecture Faculty which was held by Professor Raffaele D’Ambrosio. It is an Interdepartmental Research Centre, which has been instituted according to the art. 89 of the DPR 11.07.1980 of the Federico II University of Naples with the D.R. 8592 of 22.02.1985. The Centre has an interdisciplinary nature, and it cooperates organically with important Public and Private Partners. Today, the Centre is organized in Areas of Research, Studies Centres, Strategic Structures and Technical Bodies in order to implement service activities. Moreover, the Centre, due to the number of afferent professors, to the technical-administrative staff, to the facilities, to the managed balance and to the assigned surface, is historically the biggest complex among the research centres in the Federico II University of Naples, and one of the biggest public structures of research, at National and European level.
With reference to the internationalisation, the LUPT Centre plays a central role because it is strategic partner with UN-Habitat - The United Nations Human Settlements Programme – and it hosts a Europe Direct Centre within the Europe Direct Network of the European Commission. Referring to the relationships with business and enterprises, the Centre is affiliate partner with the Sannio Tech Consortium, the Innovation Pole for the Southern Italy, promoted by Confindustria BN.
Within the field of the Transfer of Technology, the LUPT Centre has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AICTT (Italian Association for the Culture of Technology Transfer) and it has equally established the Programming and Development Committee and the CeRITT – Research Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer.